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Understanding the challenges faced in community-based outreach programs aimed at men who have sex with men in urban Indonesia

Nanwani S, Hegarty B, Praptoraharjo I,
05 August 2020

Background: Community-based outreach programs play an important role in the provision of HIV testing, treatment and health care for men who have sex with men (MSM) in Indonesia. However, qualitati…

Antenatal testing for anaemia, HIV and syphilis in Indonesia – a health systems analysis of low coverage

Taegtmeyer M, Rewari B B, Baker C, Limato R, Tumbelaka P, Nasir S, Ahmed R,
29 May 2020

Background: Adverse pregnancy outcomes can be prevented through the early detection and treatment of anaemia, HIV and syphilis during the antenatal period. Rates of testing for an…

Diagnostic performance of APRI and FIB-4 for confirming cirrhosis in Indonesian HIV/HCV co-infected patients

Yunihastuti E, Amelia F, Wiraguna A, Hidayah A J, Wicaksana B, Natali V,
25 May 2020

Background: After successful of antiretroviral therapy, highly effective direct acting antiviral (DAA) make HCV elimination reasonable in HIV/HCV co-infected patients. Howeve…

Suicidal ideation, psychopathology and associated factors among HIV-infected adults in Indonesia

Siste K, Hayashi Y, Wiwie M, Hanafi E, Ophinni Y, Damayanti R, Adrian, Anindyajati G,
24 May 2020

Background: Suicidal behavior is a prevalent psychiatric emergency in HIV-infected adults. Detection of suicidal ideation is important in planning early psychiatric intervent…

Uptake and acceptability of assisted and unassisted HIV self-testing among men who purchase sex in brothels in Indonesia: a pilot intervention study

Kaldor J, Guy R, Wulandari L P L,
19 May 2020

Background: Along with sexual partners of other high-risk groups, men who purchase sex (MWPS) represented 18% of new HIV diagnoses worldwide in 2018. They are therefore an importa…

Evolving ART crisis for people living with HIV in Indonesia

Mahariski P, Irwanto I, Wignall F S, Luis H, Fridayantara W D, Gedela K,
28 April 2020

Country lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are causing drug shortages that are crippling health-care provision for people living with HIV in Indonesia. The supply chain of antiretrovir…


The Role of Health System to Support PMTCT Program Implementation in Jayawijaya Regency

Thabrany H, Trisnawati L M,
05 May 2020

This qualitative research was aimed to assess the role of health system, both in health and non-health sectors influencing PMTCT implementation. One of HIV mode of transm…


Sunjaya D, Tromp N, Prawinegara R, Siregar A, Baltussen R,
05 May 2020

This descriptive study was aimed to describe various views of stakeholders on the importance of difference criteria of priority setting of HIV/AIDS interventions in Indon…

Priority setting in HIV/AIDS control in West Java Indonesia: An evaluation based on the accountability for reasonableness framework

Sunjaya D, Tromp N, Subhan Riparev H, Prawinegara R, Siregar A, Baltussen R,
05 May 2020

The article discussed HIV/AIDS priority setting in West Java Indonesia with the purpose of evaluating the priority setting process against the four conditions of the acco…